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General Elements of Reality is a photography blog containing mostly the work of George Jurgens (me) using my Canon EOS 550D. Occasionally I will re-blog things I like. Graduate of the University of Kent - Business Admin with studies in Asia Working @
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Take me back to #SanFrancisco #goldengatebridge #beach #people #sea #water

Antibe, France. #boat #yacht #sailboat #storm #noedit (at Port d’Antibes)

Beautiful day in SF #coffee (at Velo Rouge Cafe)

Last night at Lake Panorama for the year! It’s been a spectacular year. #iowa #panora #lake #sunset #water (at The Port)

State Capital, IA

Des Moines Skyline

I recently discovered Rando via a TechCrunch article. Rando is an app made by ustwo, which to me is like chat-roulette with images (minus all the dicks…soo far). It’s interesting that it’s a social app without any social features at all. It’s pretty simple.

  1. Take a picture
  2. send
  3. random user receives it
  4. you receive another random picture in return


  • you can’t like it
  • you can’t see who sent it
  • you can’t reply
  • all you can see is where in the world it came from

I introduced it to a few people I work with at Hatchlings / Alphabrawl. It’s been a hit. There’s something that just keeps us wanting to submit a new picture, just so we can get one and see where in the world it’s from, and where our pictures are landing. The hotspots so far seem to be in Seoul, South Korean, Beijing, China, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Moscow, Russia.


But…how random is it really? When showing it off to a couple more people around the office, I sent out a picture. Only to find it landing right here in Des Moines, Iowa, on my colleagues phone. Yes, we all got very excited (nerds at play here), and of course I had to take a picture of our phones next to each other. 

So here is my question - what are the odds? We don’t have access to the number of total users, but how likely is it that your picture would land on the phone right next to you, let alone the same city?

On this note, if you want to learn about the world, one picture at a time, Rando is the app for you. 

For iOS here
For Android here

Incoming Storm, Des Moines, IA on Flickr.

Some dark clouds coming in over downtown Des Moines as the sun begins to set.

In my eyes, this is one of the best ways to get a message across, props to the creators! The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

The Hangover Part III - need I say more?